Mar 17

Madvapes For All Your Vaping Needs

Madvapes is a company that had simple beginnings in 2009. They started out of a humble garage in Huntsville, North Carolina. They have since grown to be a market leader in the United States and countries abroad. Use your Madvapes coupons to purchase products from a wide range of vapes, accessories, and juices.

What Is A Vape

A vape is an electronic device that vaporizes liquid into a smoke that is inhaled as you would smoke a cigarette. The device utilizes a battery that heats up a coil, that in turn, vaporizes a liquid found within a cartridge. The liquid is made from either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. They add assorted flavors and nicotine to the juice. Most juices are a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. While the majority of the juices contain some level of nicotine, there are those that are just a flavor without nicotine.

Vape History

The above description of a vape is oversimplified and the history of vapes gives you a better idea of the product. Vapes started in 2007 as a substitute for a cigarette in environments where smoking was no longer legal. The first vapes were called e-cigarettes or cigalikes. They operated on the same basis as today’s vapes. The biggest difference was that the cartridges came pre-filled in the beginning and you could not refill them. They were also made to closely resemble the look of a cigarette. The early e-cigarettes had the minimal capacity and low voltage batteries. Several consumers were disappointed with the lack of variety and the low volume of the pre-filled cartridges. Even more disappointing, to consumers, was the fact you could not refill the cartridge.

Over time, those who used e-cigarettes sought to improve the product. The result, the creation of modifications or mods. Consumers started to modify e-cigarettes on their own. Several people chose to modify small flashlights in vapes. A flashlight has all the same basic components of a vape. The battery of a flashlight had more voltage than vapes of that time. Clever consumers realized they could also create cartridges themselves that held a larger volume of juice. It would be not much longer before manufacturers would catch up and be making mods became more of a hobby versus a necessity. Not until recent years has the product earned the moniker of vapes. The word is short for a vaporizer, a term that is now reserved for those who consume cannabis with their vape.

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