Mar 17

Exotic Flavors And Different Nicotine Strengths

The title may have puzzled you and you might be wondering what flavors and nicotine strengths have in common. Chances are bright that you might not have heard about electronic cigarettes as well. Have you noticed the warning, printed in bold letters on the cigarette pack, cautioning you about the health hazards cigarette smoking causes? Do not ignore this warning as you might end up suffering from respiratory problems, or, worse even, suffer from cancer of the mouth and lungs and die a premature death. It is time for you to give up the habit of smoking and start vaping instead. Vaping is the term used when an individual drags on an electronic cigarette because he inhales the vapors emitted by the digital cigarette.

How does the e-cig work?
The e-cig is a cylindrical device whose shape resembles that of a traditional cigarette. It consists of two parts: the battery chamber and the atomizer. The battery chamber houses a battery, a wind sensor, a microelectronic circuit board, as well as a LED on its tip. The atomizer contains a liquid filled cartridge encased within a coil made from resistant metal. When the user puffs on the device, the wind flowing from its tip activates the sensor that activates the battery, causing electricity to flow to the circuit board, which illuminates the light emitting diode and supplies electricity to the wire coil in the atomizer. This causes the wire to heat and boils the liquid (popularly known as e-juice or e-liquid) inside the cartridge. The user inhales this vapor, which consists of water vapor, flavor, and nicotine.

Different types of e-cigs
Electronic cigarettes are available in three different variants:
• Disposable
• Vape pens
• Minis
• Mods

Nicotine is the addictive substance
People trying e-cigs for the first time typically use disposable models and move on from it to a two-piece e-cig or even a three-piece clearomizers. As smokers are addicted to nicotine, they face no problems while migrating from classical cigarettes to the electronic ones, as this too contains nicotine.

How to purchase e-cigs at discounted rates
Do not let the price of the e-cigs bother you as you can easily get special discounts off on its list price with the help of discount coupons. Vapor4life is a renowned brand of e-cigs and its accessories. Although their products are relatively costly, you can get special discounts on them with the help of coupon codes. Search online for Vapor4life Coupons 2018 to find sites offering the latest and the best discount coupons related to Vapor4life products.

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